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Wednesday, June 26, 2019

C * 30 * MD * 10:00 AM * Wednesday Lunch Ride (El Andariego)
Veirs Mill Park Recreation Center (VMP)
Location:Silver Spring, MD
2019-06-26 10:00:00 2019-06-26 10:00:00 America/New_York Wednesday Lunch Ride (El Andariego) An interesting almost 15 mile route (mostly roads, some of Matthew Henson Trail, and a few short connector bike trails) to El Andariego (Mexican) restaurant (http://elandariegomexicanrestaurant.com/) in Ashton MD (~30 miles round trip). This is a social ride where we try to stick together. However, if you would to prefer to ride at your own pace, then please let me know and I will bring a printed cue sheet for you. Don't forget lock, helmet, and lunch money. Please arrive in time to be ready to roll at our departure time of 10:00. Veirs Mill Park Recreation Center (VMP)
Location:Washington, DC
2019-06-26 18:00:00 2019-06-26 18:00:00 America/New_York Downtown Breakaway Did you know that you could ride in DC at rush hour and not be in the midst of cars? It's true! Come join us on this beautiful ride through the tree lined streets of NW and out to Potomac. The ride goes up and down many hills between Dupont Circle and Glen Echo, great for building up for the season's big event rides like Storming of Thunder Ridge or the Garrett County Gran Fondo (and it beats the pants off the repetition of laps at Hains Point). This week's route returns via and alongside Rock Creek Park, as we have the benefit of the post-solstice late sunset. It also does an (optional) climb up "Mormon Hill" to add a bit of challenge. Lights that illuminate your path are mandatory for this ride, as it gets dark in and around Rock Creek Park once the sun is low on the horizon. NOTE: this is not a race training ride, but a group ride that occasionally has some faster elements. Race tactics, especially diving into corners, blindly leading fellow riders through intersections, crossing a double yellow line, attacking in a group paceline, etc., will not be tolerated. Anything that endangers the safety of the group can result in immediate and potentially permanent dismissal from the ride. If race training is what you want, please check out the Greenbelt race series. It's MANDATORY to bring front and rear lights for safety, as we can get caught in the dark if delayed by mechanicals or road conditions. Too speedy for your tastes? There is a B group as well. Ride leaves from the stairs and "Speed Hump" sign at Mitchell Park, S St NW, between 22nd and 23rd Sts. There is street parking in the neighborhood, but please be mindful of zone regulations which are in effect until 8:30 PM and somewhat strictly enforced (there is limited free parking in front of the former Textile Museum and Wilson House). Leaders may alternate week to week, alternating according to availability. No go in steady rain or impending thunderstorms - late-breaking announcements on Pedalers Google Group and Potomac Pedalers website. Please email the ride organizer to be added to the DTB email list (used to distribute cues, GPS files, etc.). Organizer: Rudi Riet * [rudi@songfta.com] Mitchell Park (MIT)
Location:Washington, DC
2019-06-26 18:00:00 2019-06-26 18:00:00 America/New_York Downtown Breakaway (B version) This is a slightly modified, shorter version of the “BB/A” route for riders who don’t keep up with the front pack. With little traffic at rush hour downtown, it’s a moderately paced ride through the hills of upper Northwest, stretching out toward Potomac as the daylight increases. Flat and fast along MacArthur for return to Mitchell Park. Please see the A/BB listing for map/GPS info. It's STRONGLY advised to bring front and rear lights for safety, as we can get caught in the dark if delayed by mechanicals or road conditions. Additionally, for safety reasons (and because it's the law in Maryland), no headphones will be allowed on any Downtown Breakaway rides. Ride leaders will ride at a by-the-books “B” pace with a regroup or two along the way for slower riders to catch up. See details about parking, etc. in the “BB”/”A” description. Organizer: Rudi Riet * [rudi@songfta.com] Mitchell Park (MIT)

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Location:Glen Echo, MD
2019-06-27 10:00:00 2019-06-27 10:00:00 America/New_York GLEN ECHO LOOPS This ride goes out flat MacArthur Blvd bike path to start, but becomes hilly as we go up into Avenel or Potomac neighborhoods, riding on low traffic scenic residential streets. The route varies each week, with an optional 3 mile loop to neighborhood off River Rd. before the break, at Potomac Village Starbucks. Return route varies through Potomac and Avenel. Optional lunch at MacArthur Plaza about 1.5mi from end in Glen Echo. This is a friendly social no drop ride. Because routes vary, cue sheets are provided.   Glen Echo Park (GLE)
Location:, MD
2019-06-27 12:30:00 2019-06-27 12:30:00 America/New_York Thursday Lunch ride Take a break in your work day and come join us for a 15-25 mile loop. The front runners keep a zesty pace but the ride leader always sweeps, so all are welcome. The ride leaves from the bike racks at the Marriott HQ on Fernwood. Parking at HQ can be tricky so if you're driving, best to park at one of the many shopping center lots and ride over.   Please let me know if you'd like to be added to the email list for this ride. I send out the route every Wednesday.  - Other Start Location MD
Location:Annandale, VA
2019-06-27 18:00:00 2019-06-27 18:00:00 America/New_York Everyone Evening Rides Ride Start Details: Wakefield Park (WKP), 8110 Braddock Road, Annandale, VA 22003. From Braddock Road after you turn into Wakefield Park, take the 2nd left into the parking lot. Park restrooms are located at the end of the parking lot by the baseball field. Welcome beginners, re-starters, intermediate and advanced cyclists, members and non-members of the club. For this ride you can use all types of bicycles. The terrain is mostly flat with a few short ups or hills. All categories of cyclists can participate and enjoy biking in three major groups on different distance: (1) for cyclists who prefer only flat paths we are offering 9 miles paved Cross Country Trail parallel to Accotink Creek the finest wildlife corridors in Fairfax County  (2) for moderate riders with my leadership a route on CCT plus some neighborhood streets up to 15 miles (3) for advanced and speed up riders, 17 miles only on streets with a separated ad hoc leader.     Wakefield Park (WKP)
Location:Laytonsville, MD
2019-06-27 18:10:00 2019-06-27 18:10:00 America/New_York Thursday Night Trainer This is generally a fast paced cooperative training ride through the Laytonsville area and Patuxent River valley. Same route as in previous years. The ride leader will make no attempt to keep the group together for the ride, so make sure you have a cue sheet and know where you are going. Ride leader will insist on single file riding until the top of Howard Chapel Rd. because of the traffic and narrow roads. No go in rain or on wet roads. Please park in the far corner of the parking lot near the donation bins. Layton Village Shopping Center (LAV)
Location:Alexandria, VA
2019-06-27 18:30:00 2019-06-27 18:30:00 America/New_York Belle Haven Blast This long-running and sociable training ride has a bit of everything. A relatively flat first half gives way to nearly unrelenting hills in the second half.  The ride will focus on team building techniques with members riding together in pace lines. Riders will stop in case of mishaps or mechanicals. Ride leaders rotate in the pace line working to keep the team riding as a single unit and may establish or adjust speed limits for flat terrain. Rides will generally be broken into two groups, an A and a B/BB, depending on turnout. The A group will be limited to those who have demonstrated that they know the route and have the necessary fitness and group riding skills. The B/BB group will focus on developing fitness and group riding skills.   Both groups will ride together until the Fort Hunt Park entrance, then separate into two groups going into the park. If needed, each group will stop and regroup with its own members at the top of Rebecca Drive. We'll have a post-ride outing on the last Thursday of the month, so bring a change of clothes.  Belle Haven Picnic Area (BEL)
Location:Washington, DC
2019-06-27 18:30:00 2019-06-27 18:30:00 America/New_York Tenley Top of the Town Leaving from City Bikes Tenleytown, this social Potomac Pedalers’ ride explores some of the most beautiful neighborhoods in D.C., Bethesda, Chevy Chase and Rock Creek Park. Join us each Thursday evening through September. Come for the ride and then join us afterwards at Angelico’s for pizza (or salad!), beer, and socializing.   Most routes go through neighborhoods with light traffic but all include short connections on roads with heavier traffic. Comfort with road riding is a must. Routes vary each week; check the day’s listing at https://www.meetup.com/PotomacPedalers for the planned ride.   Where: City Bikes Tenleytown, 4810 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, DC 20016   When: Each Thursday until the end of September.   Time: Plan to arrive no later than 6:15 pm to sign in and hear announcements. The group rolls promptly at 6:30 pm due to limited daylight. So seriously, show up at 6:15 and not 6:35. At 6:35 we are already riding.   Distance: Route of 10 to 20 miles, depending on available daylight. All routes include rolling and sometimes steep hills.    Level: Most participants have done group rides in the past and have road bikes. Ride leaders maintain a pace of 12-16 miles per hour on flat ground and 8-12 miles per hour on hills (C/CC in Potomac Pedalers’ ride class table). For those at that pace, the ride is no-drop. Some riders go ahead of the ride leader at their own individual paces, which sometimes depend on the strength of their desire for beer and pizza. All riders who stay on the cue sheet route will be swept up by the ride leader who will head for Angelico’s for post ride group dinner.    No go if raining or wet roads. If weather is if-y the day of, for an update go to https://www.meetup.com/PotomacPedalers and find that day’s ride page.   Park at the City Bikes parking lot just south (uphill) from the CityBikes store, at the building that used to be the Volvo dealer and now has CityBikes storage. Please don't park right next to the store.   The shop offers the use of their rest room and air pump to those participating in the ride.   HELMETS ARE REQUIRED.   Tenley Circle/City Bikes (TEN)

Friday, June 28, 2019

Location:Silver Spring, MD
2019-06-28 09:00:00 2019-06-28 09:00:00 America/New_York Leave from VMP & join Friday Lunch Ride The plan for 6/28 is to ride to Bethesda for lunch. If you want to join the “Friday Lunch Ride” but want most of the miles before lunch (and/or find that an earlier more southern starting point is more convenient), then try this ride. We will start at Veirs Mill Park (VMP) at the North end of Beach Drive and ride up the Rock Creek Trail to Lake Needwood in time for a short break before joining Deborah’s “Friday Lunch Ride”. Please check here weekly for distance/destination info and any possible cancellations due to weather.  This ride will be the same length as the “Friday Lunch Ride” if lunch in Bethesda and could be a few miles longer if lunch in a more northern city, such as Olney or Rockville. Please remember to bring helmet, bike lock, and lunch money. Please arrive in time to be ready to roll at our departure time of 9:00.   Feel free to use the “Sign Up For This Ride” button above, but at the start of the ride you will still be required to sign the waiver and provide emergency contact info. Veirs Mill Park Recreation Center (VMP)
Location:Greenbelt, MD
2019-06-28 10:00:00 2019-06-28 10:00:00 America/New_York Bud Bike Friday Join us on this rolling ride with a few nice climbs for your trouble. We’ll do the Tuesday route backwards. There are 2 rest stops but only vending machine food. You can take shortcuts for a shorter ride or add a couple of miles for a longer one. Park in Buddy Attick Park, not at Ivy Lane. Lunch afterward, alfresco, at Greenbelt Center with several food options. Buddy Attick Park (BUD)
Location:Rockville , MD
2019-06-28 10:00:00 2019-06-28 10:00:00 America/New_York Friday Lunch Ride I'll be starting out at Lake Needwood in Derwood and biking to lunch in Bethesda, Rockville, Olney or points elsewhere. I’ll let you know by Thursday of each week where we are going, so check the weekly listing for more information. We try to keep the distance at 30 miles. If the ride will be hilly that week, we usually shorten the distance. Lake Needwood (NEE)
C/D * 20 * VA * 10:00 AM * Fridays' Lunch Ride
South Run Recreation Center (SRR)
Location:Springfield, VA
2019-06-28 10:00:00 2019-06-28 10:00:00 America/New_York Fridays' Lunch Ride We will pedal in up-scale neighborhood streets and paved path through the woods adjacent to scenic Lake Mercer, viewing Burke Lake and Lake Mercer from the lake dams.  We will use bike trails of the Fairfax County Parkway and Route 123 only as a connection to the the wide quiet residential streets without any traffic. Two hours of recreational cycling with an optional socializing lunch inside the Huntsman Square Shopping Center Mall, 7509 Huntsman Blvd, West Springfield, VA 22153 by Rats Cycles, Bicycles Store & Repairing.  Welcome beginners, re-starters, members and non-members of the club. For this ride you can use all types of bicycles. The terrain is mostly flat with a few short ups. Bring a helmet and drink.    South Run Recreation Center (SRR)
Location:Germantown, MD
2019-06-28 18:10:00 2019-06-28 18:10:00 America/New_York Scenic Social Germantown Rec Park Friday Night ride This is the Friday night scenic social ride.  The rides run from end of March and go as long as daylight and start times allow (Sep/Oct).  Start times will vary to accommodate the changes in sunset times and to try and start as late as possible but allowing enough time to complete the ride before dusk. Please check the calendar for the latest start times. Ride is about 26 miles and we typically aim to complete in 90 minutes. Ride length is ~26miles with several regrouping points along the way. We usually wait at these points for others to catch up.  The ride does not go if there is precipitation (snow or rain) or if the roads are very slick due to recent precipitation.  Check this listing on any given Friday to see if the ride has been canceled. The ride starts at the Adventure Playground at South Germantown Recreational Park.  One of the reasons for the ride start location is the heated bathrooms available year 'round.  In addition, we will be riding on low traffic roads in the Montgomery Ag Reserve. Some of these roads are rough (Sugarland for example) so please make sure you have a spare tube along just in case.   South Germantown Rec. Park - Adventure Playground (SGRAP)

Saturday, June 29, 2019

Location:Washington, DC
2019-06-29 08:00:00 2019-06-29 08:00:00 America/New_York Georgetown Tailgate Ride Predictions are for a hot and sunny Saturday, so fill up your water bottles and lather on the sun screen for a really nice 40 (CC/B) or 50 (B/BB/A) mile ride with us! If you’ve done this ride before, you know we meet on time, and we go on time from the foot of Wisconsin Ave. in Georgetown. We head northwest along many of the usual roads, with the 50-miler rest stop at the Travilah Market and the 40-miler rest stop at the Cabin John Shopping Center. Then for both, it’s back along equally familiar roads to Rock Creek Park and Georgetown. This is mostly flat and shaded with some rolling hills (and not counting that short bit out of Rock Creek Park, including possibly Tilden toward the end. Let’s be honest.) To increase the chances that everyone arrives together at the end of the ride, the 50-mile BB/B group ride starts and the 40-mile B/CC group ride start the same time at 8:00, and the 27- mile CC/C group ride starts an hour later at 9:00 AM. Afterwards, many of us walk our bikes into Mr. Smith’s Pub on M St. just west of Wisconsin and get lunch. And beer of course. Or just beer. Again, here are the staggered ride-start times:          50-mile BB/B group ride:  8 AM          40-mile B/CC group ride:  8:00 AM          27-mile CC/C group ride:  9:00 AM To minimize our carbon footprint, please print your selected cue sheet and/or download a GPX file onto your bike computer. We will not distribute cue sheets at the start. We highly encourage folks to leave their vehicles at home. The Rosslyn Metro Station is around a 1/2 mile away, and the Farragut North station is about a 1-mile trek. For those needing to drive, you can probably find free parking on residential streets above Q Street or otherwise try www.spothero.com for discounts at the local parking lots. If you arrive early and need a little pre-ride caffeine, there are many options in the neighborhood, including the Blue Bottle Cafe around the corner at 1046 Potomac Street. and Bluestone Lane a half-block up from the ride start at 1066 Wisconsin Avenue. If you have any questions, please get in touch. Matthew Birnbaum [noshbygosh@icloud.com] [(202) 895-0979]  Monique Sears [mrsearsklm@gmail.com] [(202) 256-5218]  Bill Schulz [schulzwmh@gmail.com] [(240) 678-9398]  Tim Bouquet [timothy.bouquet@gmail.com]  Georgetown Water Park (GWP)